2015-? The Mobile App Era

It is true, wherever you go, you will see people looking at their cellphone, take a closer look and you will discover that wether they are having a conversation on WhatsApp or sharing content on Facebook, browsing hot singles on Tinder or even listening to music in Spotify or iTunes, most of them have one thing in common, they are using apps.

According to studies made by Gardner and Gallup, the time the average american is using mobile apps is skyrocketing in comparison with past years. That’s not all, this is also an undeniable trend that comes from years ago and will most likely stay for the years to come. Mobile apps came to stay. It is also a fact that mobile websites are less visited every year as most people doesn’t invest a great deal of time using their mobile browser.

What this means for you is that — even if you only have a company website and don’t plan on releasing an app to any of the app stores in the near future-, is that if you want to have way more exposure to the 2 billion people mobile market (3.5 billion projected by 2016), you need to have a way to sell your business offer through an attractive mobile app that will bring added value to your target market.

Here are some facts:

  • Investing on AdWords and Facebook Ads for desktop? Think twice, According to KPCB eMarketer, in 2015 only 2.4 hours in average were spent a day in front of a PC monitor, against 2.8 hours that users were in front of their cell phone screens in average every day, this is more than a 5% difference in favor of mobile. The PC/Mobile ratio is expected to increase for mobile devices this year.  It is still a good investment to have a company website, and if it is mobile compatible even better, but don’t just rely on responsive design or you will be missing half the picture.
  • According with the same study now 48% of the day is spent by adults in watching some sort of screen, that is a huge number comparing with the modest 18% registered in 2010. With numbers like this, it is important that you take advantage from this trend with a very careful designed digital strategy.
  • In 2016 for the first time $100 billion dollars will be spent in online ads, this means a 430% compared to 2013!  and this growth factor still doesn’t reach the one for the increase in the sales of mobile devices, this means that you have a very good chance to obtain excellent results with the right business proposition that add value to your target market.
  • Not surprisingly, video is the most growing type of content in mobile searches. According to a Cisco forecast 55%.  If we take in account that 65% percent of the world population are considered “visual learners”, we can easily realize the importance of providing this kind of content in an effective digital marketing strategy.
  • Only in the U.S. we have more than 224 million of app users monthly.  Search Engine Journal conducted a study which showed that increased sophistication in apps tend to retain users at a higher rate. Just consider that since 2014, the average number of times an app is used monthly is 11 times.


It is not difficult to infer that some key points to consider this year in our digital strategy are:

  1. A 50/50 approach in our online marketing investments between mobile and desktop makes sense.
  2. An increase in our budget for our online marketing strategy is important, as the possibilities for a great ROI in our investment is high if things are done the right way.
  3. Focusing in not only provide content to read, but also different media types like video can increase our acquisition, fidelization and retention.
  4. Probably the best way to get into your target customer’s smartphones is by creating a mobile app that adds real value and features (when possible) compelling content in video format. An app that is addictive, interesting, and is well marketed may be the key to open the door to attract new customers and increase your sales, no matter what your business is.

If you would like to have a mobile app that goes viral while promoting your business proposition but still don’t have the right idea, just give us a call and we will provide you with a free consultation. A decision as simple as that may be the difference between having just another year with modest results and skyrocketing your sales.


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Will de la Vega

Will de la Vega has been a full stack developer for more than 15 years now. He has created solutions for large websites, social media software, healthcare systems and political marketing, among others, using C# ASP.NET jQuery, Angular and React.
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