THE NEAR-YOU-NOW MODEL: How does it work?

Outsourcing is most of the times a painful decision, I have been there in the past and not only once. Before working at GeoSys when I was creating apps for my software company I realized that having an in-house development team was just too costly and in my situation then, it would easily increase my burn rate to the point of  having no cash flow in a few months, it was just not an option. Then I learned the truth the hard way and yes, I called a company in India to get some help, very soon I was involved in something that more often than daily made me feel totally impotent.  Prices were good, that part was not the issue, but talking to one of my developers was only possible after 8:00 pm, which was a little bit stressing.  Add to that the fact that I have serious problems understanding the indian accent (hey! nobody is perfect…) and you have the kind of situation where you are struggling to communicate your ideas at a time in the night where you would rather be watching your favorite show in HBO or doing something even more inspiring…

And then, after a few weeks that were not free of its dose of misunderstandings, miscommunication, even a couple of cultural issues (jeezz!), I was there, with a product that was a week late and was poorly tested and with a barely alpha quality.  “Could be worse” — I thought, and I still had fifty dollars in my pocket 😉 .

Please don’t misunderstand me, outsourcing off-shore is a great option for some companies and a life saver for some entrepreneurs that need to take care of every dime in the danger of losing all the money they have to realize their dreams, but don’t get me wrong, there is a price,  — and a high one if you ask me — only that this price doesn’t come always in the form of money.

If you are like me, you don’t like getting into decisions that may take you into unpredictable results.  Business people don’t like the unpredictable, a personality trait that makes sense for those who like to invest but not to gamble. Not having the right product at the right time may be more than just a small incident, but something that in the right (un) balance of circumstances may make you lose thousands of dollars (to be conservative).

We at GeoSys Consulting take very seriously having exactly the product the customer expects and having it within the limit of the previously agreed time.  It is not a matter of fulfilling deadlines with whatever it takes to deliver; but the result of careful planning and an impeccable implementation and testing conducted by specialized teams of seasoned developers and testers.

We know that for being able to implement successfully not only Agile and SCRUM, but even any other software process methodology, the communication with our main stackholder (the client)  is basic as the core of every design and development effort. Having the right person talking to you when you need it is crucial to the success of your project.

Some defend the Near-Shore model which is basically having your development team in Canada or Mexico and I should admit that it is not a bad idea at all. However canadian developers are sometimes even more expensive than american ones, and mexican developers although a great choice, they still charge more than the russians and indians and some of them don’t speak English (or good English at least), that is why we don’t believe that the NearShore model may be the ideal solution for you, why it would if there is something better?

And here is where we start thinking out of the box.  It works, it’s called innovation, and in this case we found the solution by getting the best from each approach.

(Still working on this article…)

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Will de la Vega

Will de la Vega has been a full stack developer for more than 15 years now. He has created solutions for large websites, social media software, healthcare systems and political marketing, among others, using C# ASP.NET jQuery, Angular and React.
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